For many home buyers, the choice between a resale home and a brand new home is easy; new homes offer a whole range of advantages that are simply not available in a resale property. Here are some of the reasons that have convinced others to buy new:

You know what you get. With a new home there are no surprises when you move in. You know how the house was built and what went into it, what you can see and what is hidden behind the walls. You also know exactly how to operate and maintain your homes systems and equipment. If you have questions later, your builder will be there to help.

You get what you want. Why live with other people's interior design tastes? Why spend time and money redoing the previous owners' home improvements when you can get what you want from the start. From layout to cabinets to carpentry, new home builders offer a wide selection of standard and upgraded options. You can pick and choose what suits your lifestyle, personality and budget.

Receive high quality construction. The technology of home building has improved tremendously over the past few decades and new homes are built better than ever before. They are solidly constructed and well designed for today's lifestyles. They are highly energy efficient, with excellent indoor air quality. From heating systems to roofing shingles and windows, today's building products work better, last longer and often look better. The result is a new home that is more comfortable, healthier, easier to maintain and more enjoyable to live in.

You know the homebuilder. In the end, the quality of your home depends on the quality of your builder. When you buy a new home, you also buy the company's reputation in the community, its track record with past clients and its commitment to customers. That adds up to extra confidence and reassurance for you.

Well designed communities. Many of today's new developments are designed to foster a spirit of neighbourliness by carefully balancing private and public areas. Increasingly, verandas and porches present an open and welcoming facade towards the street, while garages are located at the side or back of homes. Walkways and bike paths meander through developments and playgrounds and ballparks keep youngsters safely occupied. "Neo-classical" developments are now appearing that reflect villages of a bygone era, with homes close to the sidewalk, white picket fencing throughout, a "commons area" where neighbours gather and a "town centre" with stores to serve the community. These developments are attracting a lot of interest from both builders and consumers.


Resale homes simply do not come with a comprehensive warranty. If something goes wrong, you have to deal with it immediately no matter what the cost. Buying a new home, on the other hand, offers peace of mind. Professional builders stand behind their work with an after-sales service program and a guaranteed third-party warranty. Your builder will explain how this warranty works so you can be sure you are getting the coverage that you want. Ask to see a copy of the warranty document, before you sign a contract.

You know what your housing costs will be. This allows you to budget properly and with confidence which is great news for first-time home buyers. With today's low interest rates and competitive housing prices, home ownership need not cost any more than what you spend on rent. You can buy with as little as 5% down, and the use of RRSP savings (up to $20,000 per individual or $40,000 per couple) can further help to make home ownership a reality a lot sooner than you may have thought possible.